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Friday 21st February 2014

As stated on the website guidance, you do not have to purchase vehicle tax for any mobility scooter / electric scooter or powered wheelchair, but you will need to register a class 3 invalid carriages that must display a ‘nil value’ tax disc.

This is quite straight forward to do. To register and apply for a nil value tax disc for a class 3 invalid carriage, complete the form V55/4 for new vehicles, or V55/5 for used vehicles. You can download the forms from DVLA’s online ordering service found here, or call into your local post office for assistance.


Once downloaded and completed you should send the forms to the DVLA at the address: Swansea, SA99 1BE.  Please note, that whilst you can get advice online or at the post office, You can only license your class 3 invalid carriage via post. As part of completying teh forms, you will be asked to include evidence of the vehicle’s age (if available) and documents showing the keeper’s name and address.


Mobility Scooter Insurance

You are not required by law to have a valid insurance certificate for a mobility scooter. It is however recommended, not only to protect your investment, but incase of an accident that causes damage or bodily harm to property or persons. If you are thinking of Mobility Scooter Insurance, then consider a package that covers your Mobility Scooter Servicing & Repair as well. talk to us, talk to the experts.


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