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Your Useful Mobility & Battery Guide
Mobility Buyers Guide 
Calandar Sunday 01st June 2014
Battery technology has changed a lot over the past few years. Wheelchair batteries today especially gel/sealed batteries, offer more power in the same size case, provide more consistent performance and have turned past concerns into myths......more



The Mobility Repairs UK Quick Buyers Guide
Mobility Buyers Guide 
Calandar Wednesday 12th March 2014
As a company involved with the maintenance and repair of Mobility Scooters we speak to scooter owners every day, so we have a wealth of experience in scooter usability. Here are some of the things we feel you should consider when buying a mobility scooter.....more



Mobility Scooter Tax, Registration & Insurance
Mobility Scooter Road Tax. 
Calandar Friday 21st February 2014
As stated on the website guidance, you do not have to purchase vehicle tax for any mobility scooter / electric scooter or powered wheelchair, but you will need to register a class 3 invalid carriages that must display a ‘nil value’ tax disc.....more



Our New 20 Point Mobility Scooter Check
Mobility Scooter MOT 
Calandar Friday 31st January 2014
From mobility scooter motor brushes and batteries to brakes and light checks, we ensure your scooter is fit and safe whether you use it on or off the road. We can also provide full advice and guidance on how to maintain your scooter year after year......more